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New Production Transverter

Iron Goat Guns/W5DFN 80 Meter to 630 Meter Transverter

Five watts at 3.674200 MHz in for 20 - 25 watts 474.2 KHz out! Originally designed by John Molnar, WA3ETD, these have been in service for years. It does require a 50ohm matched antenna. W5DFN uses a 1/2 wave, directly fed by coax, dipole. However, there are many designs out there for antennas for those Amateurs with space restrictions. Great for WSPR, JT9, FT8, and other modes not requiring a linear output. Requires a General Class or higher Amateur License in the U. S.
Fully assembled, burned in, and calibrated. Delivered to your door for $150USD. Delivery available now!. Watch this website for additional and updated information.

Radio Amateurs, General Class and above, are missing out on this new band at 630 meters. Using WSPR or JT9 or FT8 on any band above 160 meters is not very challenging and in fact those bands are getting crowded. I have NO experience with 2200 Meters and that particular band may be more of a challenge than I can handle.

630 Meters on the other hand continues to amaze me. Despite Spring weather disturbances -- mostly thunderstorms -- we are still making contacts hundreds of miles away. Admittedly, Winter evenings are easier. It costs mostly time building an antenna and people are getting really innovative at making oddball antennas work on 630.

Equipment? Lots of choices out there for homebuilt as well as converted military and commercial transmitters. Most any all-band transceiver will receive 475 KHz. There are several free software packages to work the band.

John Molnar started building kits and completed down-converters that take a low power 3.675 MHz signal and produce 20 to 25 watts at 630 Meters. He recently permanently ceased production and we purchased the Rights and designs for this neat little transverter.

I will be happy to answer any questions I can and point you in the right direction for those I cannot.

Besides the obvious fact that I (W5DFN) hope to make a successful commercial venture with this unit, I have heard all my life that the best way to keep an Amateur Band and possibly expand bandwidth and even power privileges is to demonstrate interest and activity. Come join the fun!

In addition to the unit with power amplifier (non-linear 20 - 25 watts), W5DFN is also offering a linear verson with 0DBM output suitable for driving either linear or non-linear amplifiers. For 5 watts, 80 meters input, a 12 db attenuator is necessary or 80 meter input must be reduced to about 1/2 watt or less. For either unit, if you use the same antenna for transmitting and receiving -- as I do -- you will need a t/r switch that senses rf. A simple schematic and parts list is included in the manual linked below. Price of 0DBM transverter is $100 tested, burned in, calibrated, and shipped to your door in the U. S.

We currently have a few units tested, calibrated, and ready to ship. Place your order by e-mail to gunshop at $150 USD delivered in the United States. Upon order, you will receive an invoice from Iron Goat Guns with the sender Swipe Simple. This is how we bill club members as well. You may either pay online or send a check. Personal cellphone is Three Six One Seven Zero One Six One Four Three. (I hate data miners.)

The files below are PDF and may be downloaded.

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